The Best Drawing Courses Online

Drawing is a required skill for any designer who aspires to have a bright career in the creative industries. In this article, I cover my top 3 favourite professional drawing courses for three of the most sought after skills out there: Digital painting, Drawing, and 3D Modelling.

If you are wondering which one of these you should take, I wouls strongly encourage you to take ALL 3 OF THESE. The reason is that all 3 courses focus on a different type of drawing which will surely prove useful in your career. Start by the one most appealing to you right now and bookmark this page to continue when you are ready!

The Ultimate Digital Painting Course – Beginner to Advanced

This course really caught my eye for the high quality of the lectures. It covers the basic and goes on to develop your skills to a very professional level. I think the price is very competitive for 27 hours of on-demand video and loads of downloadable resources.

This course is extremely practical. In fact, throughout the course, you end up creating over 60 different projects that increase in difficulty as you learn.

These are the key learning points:

  • How to create concept art
  • Fundamentals of drawing
  • Design of characters
  • Perspectives
  • Colour theory
  • Photo-realistic art


The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

This is a great online course for learning how to draw professionally with a traditional technique. Overall I loved the clear instructions of the instructor. Everything becomes much easier if you are told how to do it correctly.

This course has 11 hours of on-demand video so it is very convenient plus you get to do over 50 projects. This is a “learn-by-doing” type of a course which is great.

These are the key learning points of this online course:

  • Do realistic shadow and light effects
  • Perspective
  • Practice human figures and faces
  • Learn to draw out of your head


Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

This is the most complex course of the three and I recommend you take it last too, unless you are specifically looking to obtain 3D modelling skills right now and you already master the basics of colour theory and drawing.

When the time is right, get ready to submerge in over 60 hours of learning with this outstanding course of Blender – essential software for 3D modelling. I took this course for 3D printing, but it can also be used for other types of 3D drawing such as jewellery design.

This is what you will learn:

  • To use Blender and its interface
  • Create 3D figures and models
  • UV mapping
  • Applying effects
  • Learn the basics of animation


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