3 Fashion Buying Books You Must Read

The fashion industry is like football – everybody wants to get in. But although fashion is tough and competitive, it is also highly rewarding both in monetary terms and personally. Here, we recommend the best fashion buying books out there.

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Fashion companies are nothing like we have seen in movies like The Devil Wears Prada. Fashion companies tend to have flat hierarchies with fewer politics and more creativity. Also, people who work in the fashion industry usually love their jobs, making it a very fulfilling environment.

But be advised: the fashion industry is not as lucrative as banking or management consultancy, so if you are in it for the money perhaps you should reconsider your options.

What worked for me – and I think it is the norm now – is to gain a qualification in business or, more specifically, in fashion, to opt to fashion buying jobs. I graduated in Fashion Business at the London College of Fashion and that worked out beautifully for me. I also had high-quality retail experience on the shop floor so it was the right match. You can see my Linkedin profile here.

My 3 picks:

I recommend that you read 3 books before or during your studies, or before your first interviews. Two of these books are not technically fashion buying books, but trust me, that knowledge will be invaluable.


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  1. Fashion Buying and Merchandising: From mass-market to luxury retail. This fashion buying book will teach you who is who and who does what in a fashion organization. These are the basics you MUST know. Do not skip this book.
  1. Principles of Marketing, Global Edition by Kotler and Armstrong. Every fashion buyer is a half marketeer, that is why you must learn how to make meaningful connections with your target audience.

  1. Mathematics for Retail Buying: Bundle Book + Studio Access Card by Tepper. Karl Lagerfeld once said, â€œThere is no fashion if nobody buys it”. This is very true that is why you need to learn how to develop a profitable buying operation. Interviewers will love that you display business acumen since some buyers can end up being all over the place creative people, and that is not good!

You should read all three of these fashion buying books. They are equally important and the knowledge you acquire will accompany you forever. Additionally, do not forget to follow my Youtube channel: Fashion Business Education. Enjoy!

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