The Best Fashion Marketing Books to Read Now

Marketing is another one of the most sought-after careers in the fashion industry. Marketing executives help the organization shape the brand strategy to connect with the right audience. Here, we recommend you the best fashion marketing books out there.

In the fashion industry, having the best product will not be of any use if the organization is not able to bring paying customers into their boutiques. And communicating is a both-way street. You must speak and be ready to listen back to understand the consumers needs and wants.

In the age of influencers and digital advertising, the fashion industry has become a very noisy space, and every time it becomes more difficult to convey a clear brand message.

Fashion Marketing is perhaps the area with the most literature, so it was especially difficult to come up with a list of the very best fashion marketing books. But here is my top 3 choices to get into fashion marketing:


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the new fashion rules
The New Fashion Rules: This great book is centered in the digital era, when it is so important to be seen and convert visitors into paying customers
fashion marketing communications
Fashion Marketing Communications: a very effective guide to navigate the basics of fashion marketing (I would not skip this one)
social media for fashion marketing
Social Media for Fashion Marketing: Great marketing book. Very easy to read as it uses cases and interviews to explain the key concepts.

Also, I would strongly recommend that you do not focus solely on fashion marketing books. In fashion, it is important to understand all the different roles and what they contribute to the fashion organization (check out the fashion business books section). There are many other books but these are my top picks right now. Feel free to suggest other titles in the comments and I will review them.

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