Fashion Buying and Merchandising: The Best Online Courses

Whether you want to get into fashion buying or merchandising, we list the best fashion buying and merchandising courses online. These are the courses we believe provide a good fashion business education. These courses explain how to become a buyer and the key concepts you must know to ace your interviews. But if you are looking for other ways to become a buyer (others than an online course) check out this article too.

Of course, fashion buying and merchandising is not a discipline where you just need to know one thing. Fashion buyers and merchandisers have to wear many hats: the designer, the mathematician, the marking expert, the socialite and the leader, to name a few.

I have made this collection of fashion courses online to give you the best possible outcome:

Fast Track Retail Buying and Merchandising online course

Learn the inner workings of a fashion organization. This great course is composed of 12 lectures that you can do in a day. Out of the 10 core lectures, 5 cover the market overall which is a more commercial view of the industry, and the last 5 cover the most creative side of it.

Something very strong about this course is its coverage of the different layers of the industry, from haute couture to mass market.

Intro to Fashion Illustration

At some point in their career, a buyer or merchandiser will have to draw a sketch to convey an idea to a designer or manufacturer. And when that time comes, better be able to do it with style. Believe, I never took a course nor considered myself a creative person, but a buyer must be able to communicate their vision with people who are creative and understand things in a more visual way.

This course has fun exercises to learn illustration and a step-by-step guide for all levels of the craft.

Fashion Brand Launch: Pricing Your Products

This is a course in a series of fashion courses for a brand launch. But this one part of it is particularly interesting. Pricing a collection has its art, and with this course, you will master the different pricing models for the different types of fashion businesses: retail, wholesale and distribution. You will also learn key concepts like FOB or landed price. Do NOT miss this course – it is very important.

I hope you enjoy these courses. They really are a great way to kickstart your fashion career. And if you come across other fashion buying and merchandising courses online, please do let me know in the comments and I will review them.

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