How to Become a Fashion Buyer

My name is Miguel Hebrero and I am so excited to introduce you to the art and science of fashion buying!

Every person on the planet has a relationship with fashion and buyers are, perhaps, the most important players within the fashion industry.

The buyer has to ensure that the products for sale meet the needs of the target consumer; furthermore, the products need to sell in sufficient quantities to satisfy top line and bottom line expectations, but the scope of the role can change a lot from company to company.

Buyers at wholesale businesses are involved with the development of products their wholesale clients can purchase. Retail buyers, on the other hand, buy products to sell in their retail stores directly to the end consumer.

Imagine a big international organization like Lacoste: They act partly as a wholesale business. The Lacoste product buyers in Paris develop a range of products that they offer to the retail buyers of every country for their stores.

Product buyers:
– Work with designers to develop a range
– Negotiate cost price with suppliers
(This is a very creative role)

Retail buyers:
– Decide what is suitable for his or her market
– Plan retail price and margin
– Define how much to buy of each style
(This is a more business-oriented role)

You will love it as a buyer!

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