4 Tips to Get Into Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Fashion buying and merchandising jobs are some of the most sought after roles in the fashion industry.

This means one little problem.
The fashion world is very competitive and there are thousands of candidates in the market.
It can sometimes be hard to know where to begin.

Follow these 4 tips to get a head start:

Tip 1: Read trade magazines to know what´s happening
Get familiar with the main market players and their strategies

Tip 2: Get yourself out there. Start a blog.
It doesn´t have to be a style blog. It can also be a more business-oriented blog with brief discussions about recent news.

Tip 3: Get some retail experience
Many companies like Inditex prefer to promote insiders who already understand the business. Having retail experience will give you a much broader perspective and, although it is not essential, it is highly desirable.

Tip 4: Make up your mind. What is it that interest you most? Is it buying, merchandising, or perhaps design or product technology?
Research the roles carefully and asses the skill-set necessary for each career path.

There are great materials out there to help you land your first role.

Some great books cover the basics. Here is one you should read:
¨Fashion Buying and Merchandising: From mass-market to luxury retail¨. This fashion buying book is available on Amazon (Buy it here).

Good luck!

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